• SunflowAR was created in response to the news fatigue and evaporating humanitarian response. Ordinary people in the West unaffected by this war have repeated: "The news and war it too scary to watch" or "There is too much suffering"


    Yet the war still wages on. Is there anything scarier than losing your home, your freedom, or worse? Is there anything you can do to help people just like you in their hour of need?


  • Use your phone to carry the Augmented Reality SunflowAR seed into your living room or another peaceful place. The seed will grow into scenes of ARart which express the horrors of the war and the courage of the Ukrainian people, accompanied by the voice of Sonyashnyk, a small girl whose life has been transformed by the war.


    No app download or special software is required. Just follow the URL or scan QR code*


  • Why Are Sunflowers
    Ukraine’s National Flower?

    Sunflowers are spectacular and are a major agricultural export of Ukraine. During festivals and celebrations, sunflowers are often woven into clothes or worn as headdresses.


    Back in June 1996, US, Russian and Ukrainian defence ministers planted sunflowers in a ceremony at Ukraine's Pervomaysk missile base to mark Ukraine voluntarily giving up its nuclear weapons.


    Today, the sunflower has become a powerful symbol of the Ukrainian people’s resistance to the Russian invasion.


    Sunflowers symbolise hope for the future. Germinating seeds cover the ground each spring, before the flowers in bloom trace the sun’s movement from East to West each day. Like the Ukrainian people, these flowers face the rising sun of each new day, full of life. We hope that soon they will bloom again in a peaceful, free and independent Ukraine.



    SunflowAR is initiated by a Ukrainian-founded immersive company Musemio, whose headquarters are in the UK.



    Olga Kravchenko is an immersive storyteller and is the founder of Musemio, Even though SunflowAR is not designed for children, Olga has used the same methods she uses for Musemio’s games-based-learning development - using creative metaphors and empathy as embedded key messages to educate people about difficult topics. Olga is based in the UK and was recently joined by her mother and grandma, who fled their hometown after spending weeks underground.






    Oleksandr Ivanytskiy, the CTO of Musemio, woke up to the sound of sirens in Kyiv. At 5 AM, when the news about the invasion reached him, it was already too late as the traffic and fuel shortages prevented him from fleeing his hometown. In the first few weeks of the war, Alex combined his work as tech leader with the duty of protecting and patrolling his local streets for another six hours daily. During the development of SunflowAR, Alex regularly had to hide in a bomb shelter as sirens sounded terrifying warnings all around.







    Musemio’s Lead 3D modeler, Vasyl Barannyk has remained as calm as possible during an impossible situation from his home in Dnipro. That was until one of the missiles landed 500 metres from his house. The windows and walls trembled; thankfully there were no visible damage. Vasyl triedto join territorial defence in the early weeks; however, at the time it was oversubscribed. He has channeled his creativity for this project and for Musemio.





    Igor Fedorovskiy, faced the horrors of the war in Kharkiv. For the first two weeks of the war, we had almost no connection with our VR Developer as Kharkiv was heavily shelled. The team received brief messages about him and his family. After a month in Kharkiv, Igor managed to flee to a safer region in Ukraine. Even though fighter jets sometimes passed his house and his internet connection dropped regularly, he still managed to dedicate his 150% to the project.





    Anna Tiseyko, based in Barcelona, has led the Shadow Theatre and character design throughout the project. Her family refused to flee Ukraine, leaving her in a position of constant fear for their lives. Throughout the war, Anya put all her anguish into her creativity, some of which you can see on the website. She has actively volunteered with the Red Cross and raised money for charity by live drawing Ukrainian motifs in Barcelona’s main square.


  • Special thank you to Kriss Baird, Emilia Sipila, Elizabeth Ames, Ana Grube, Jon Meggitt, Arcade, Anna Lowe, Smartify, Susanna Kempe, and many other wonderful people who supported this project.

  • About WebAR

    The experience is designed to be used on smartphones that already support WebAR

    (iPhone X and above; most of the Android devices were released after 2016).


    You can run the WebAR experience on Google Chrome, Apple Safari and other popular browsers.


    When starting SunflowAR, you will be asked for permission to use your camera. Please accept it as the experience will not work without access to your camera. If you see the black screen after the ‘Get Started’ button, please reload the experience or try to open it in a different browser.